HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Ryleigh Tilton

Ryleigh said so she can follow God’s path & not follow the Devil, God is going to save us from the devil. So, I asked her is that it? Her reply, “He can save us from our sins by forgiving us.” I asked her why he can do that? Her reply, “because he died on the cross for us Dad.” I asked her how god has shown her he is in her life? Her reply, “god is like a big warm blanket, like when you take it out of the dryer. When I’m sad I can talk to him. Like when you and Mom moved away from each other.” Not going to lie, that moment hit me pretty hard.  So, I asked if she is still is sad about us splitting up? Her reply, “no, not anymore, god has a plan for us.” So, I asked, what do you think that plan is? Her reply, “I didn’t know, maybe a bigger family. A new sister, that would be cool, because I’m the only girl. But he has a plan for you too dad, so keep your head up.” Will do sweetheart.