HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

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In a few sentences, write what led you to understand that you need Christ to take away sin:

Because, sin is bad and being baptised is to show other that you follow christ and turn from sin..



Describe what your life was like before you gave your life to Jesus Christ:

My life wasn’t perfect or anything I felt myself getting lost and going in the wrong direction once I started going to church I felt as if my life is going back on track I just needed that service to show me what I need in my life.


Tell us how and when and why you received Christ as your lord and Savior. Explain it in such a way a non-Christian would understand how to become Christian.

I was actually sitting in church listening to a message and I started understanding how important it is to have Christ in my life, this was a few months ago.



Who helped you understand what to do?

I was watching others get baptised on easter and that recent baptism that we had one service and I wanted to do what they were doing I want to show my faith in Jesus to the people of my oikos.



In a few sentences, explain how your life is different now that Jesus is in it.

I have been better now than I was months ago but when I have bad days I just pray they get better and they do. Whenever something bad happens I pray, because I know I can talk to god and he’ll help me feel like everything is gonna be alright and it will.