HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Miriam Enriquez

I grew up in Peru in a catholic family. We later emigrated to Mexico, where I grew up. I continued to attend mass regularly with family and friends.

I came to America in 2001. I admit I strayed from my faith. After years of "walking through the desert" and a failed marriage later, I fell into depression, I started to lose hope.

The good Lord found me. It all started about 4 years ago, two very important things happened: I had to change jobs and someone invited me to HDC.

My new boss held Bible study once a week. I had never attended any Christian meetings nor services of any kind. I grew up surrounded by a faith that frowns upon any other "religion".

However, I was broken and lost and little by little, through bible study and the HDC services, I started to feel better, but most importantly for me. I started to understand that Jesus was not only for me to pray to, but that I could actually KNOW Him, have a relationship with Him. Think of Him and ask for His advice and help every day I did life.

It was amazing.... I have "always" believed, but I just didn't know how GOOD the "good news" really were... I never understood this "Christian" concept of being born again... I understand now, I have felt it. I cried and gave my heart to Christ again at a service while pastor Tom Mercer prayed for me.

I am hopeful and I want to learn and grow more. I know that I am not worthy, and on this thinking, I kept putting off getting baptized. But that's just it! The more I have learned the more I understand that if I wait until I feel worthy, I will never do it... but furthermore. even though I will never BE worthy, it's OK, Jesus loves me. He wants to help me and be in my life forever.

Thank you HDC for leading me back to Him.