HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Madonna Patin

1.    In my teen years I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, however I didn’t fully understand what it meant to fully surrender to His will and not my own. What led me to recommit myself as a Jesus follower about two years ago was the fact that the way I planned my life out wasn’t coming to pass or so I thought. I was not thinking of Gods will for my life, only the way I thought I should be living and what I should have accomplished by this time in my life. After realizing that what I was doing wasn’t working for me too well I accepted the fact the He was the one who held my future and destiny not myself. This is what led me to understand that I need Christ to take away my sin. 
2.    I always lived by a timeline and wanting to accomplish one goal after the next. I never truly drank in all that God was blessing me with. I thought I didn’t need Him as the center of my life to live a full and happy life. I was quick to get angry and disappointed. I’ve been hurt by different people in my life, which made me bitter and resentful. I felt like I was walking around with a constant guard up full of bitterness and hatred because I didn’t want to be hurt again and I thought that was a healthy coping mechanism. I soon learned this is not the way to experience the eternal peace that He wants us to experience. 
3.    I accepted Christ back into my life about two years ago because I was simply tired of fighting and enduring this life alone. My marriage was taking a turn for the worst, I had issues trusting men again as my father hurt my mother in the same exact way and I was just fed up altogether. I would cry out to God in anger asking him why this was happening to me? Pleading with him that I was a good person, never committed any heinous crimes and I always tried to live a decent and honest life. I felt like I was being punished. I got to a point where the only one I knew wouldn’t hurt me, reject me, talk down to me, or wouldn’t leave me was Christ. That was a decision I would never regret. 
4.    God knows what he’s doing when he places people in your life. At my old job, I had an unbelievable God-fearing boss, Susan Cruz who truly exuded Gods joy and love. You would never know she had a bad day. I kept telling myself I want that kind of peace and joy in my life because I was lacking it. She slowly listened to me including the hurt and pain I was feeling and would pray with me. The first time I stepped into HDC was with her when we volunteered our time when the Blue Cut Fires affected our high desert communities. She bought me a study bible and would be so patient with me. I believe she was sent to me by God as He knew what I would be facing in my future. I am beyond thankful for her, she is a true guardian angel. 
5.    I still am going through an extremely difficult time; however, God has equipped me with the right tools to deal with this season in my life. I can say I’ve been reacting in a more positive way to anger, hurt and rejection. I understand that people on this earth will fail you, but God will not. I now know what it feels like to have Gods peace in my life, I have been set free and experiencing his Holy Spirit was the biggest comfort I could ever feel. Since accepting Christ I have become a member of HDC, I volunteer for the Student Ministries (I love my junior high school girls), I have been to women’s retreats with Catalyst 4 Christ Ministries, Bible Studies and openly pray and share my faith with those around me. It’s such an incredible feeling knowing that I’m not living this life without Him anymore. 
6.    He was with me then, now and forever. He has never left me!