HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Leonard Wheeler

              I accepted CHRIST as my personal LORD and Savior as a pre-teen (around 10 or 11 yrs. old) in my grandfather’s church that me and mom used to regularly attend. At that age, I made the confession with my heart but really did not understand the full scope of the confession. Unfortunately, my mom and my grandfather had a family disagreement and we stop going to church. After 2 years, my mom decided that she wanted to go back to attending church regularly but wanted to go to a different church that my grandparents weren’t attending, as the family feud continued. She wanted to go back to church but I did not want to go back. She allowed me to stay home every Sunday and I never really became spiritually mature in CHRIST.

              A number of years past and I was in college and met this beautiful Christian girl that I wanted to date and she invited me to church with her family. We became really good friends and she started to educate me on how to be a Christian (how to pray, when to pray and why we pray.). I graduated college and went to pharmacy school but I never went back to church and once I achieved my career goal of being a pharmacist, I still did not go to church even though I believed prayer was the principle reason that I achieved this career goal. Football became my church and every football Sunday I was at a sports bar rooting for my favorite team. I was single and successful and did not want for anything. I had a well-paying job, a house and 2 cars and was living the life that most people want to live.

              In 2008, I was celebrating with some friends at the sports bar and was drinking heavily and the next morning I woke up sick and stayed sick for about a year. I went to the doctor and they did a lot of tests but the could not identify what was making feel so sick. I took sick leave from work for close to 3 months and I lost about 20 pounds. I was depressed and fearful about my future. I was a broken man and my family rallied around me, my dad gave me a list of scriptures to read, my grandma prayed and my mom called continually. When I started praying and reading the bible I just couldn’t get enough of it. I started watching television ministries and eventually got to the point that I wanted to go to church. I started attending church every Sunday and started to realize that the only place that my body felt good was when I was in church and worshiping GOD. GOD healed me mind, body, and spirit!

              I rededicated my life to CHRIST and through HIS WORD I realized that all the years I was just a believer in CHRIST and not a follower. I went through life never asking for forgiveness of my sins, and hardly ever praying for someone else besides myself. Through GODS WORD I have been forever changed.