HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Kristy Robertson

1.  I was introduced to Christ when I was a child. My mother was the one who taught me about God and Jesus.  We went to Church in Apple Valley growing up.  I was later
2.  Following Jesus means everything to me. With Jesus, I am a better person, I am who I want to be.  I started flowing Jesus as a child but I have grown over the years to realize I am nothing without Jesus in my life.  When my mother passed away Jesus became even a bigger part of my life.  I didn't pull away from him, I thanked him.
3. As a child, I started following Jesus.  As a adult I have had a lot obstacles in my life that made me a person Jesus wouldn't be proud of but through the last three years after my mom passed away Jesus is the biggest part of mine and my children s life
4. It was never one place where I decide to follow Jesus.  He is in my heart.  I can say the moment I was standing in the front of HDC listening to the pasted I felt like I was home. I looked up and said mom I made it.  
5.  I chose to follow Jesus and make him in charge of my life because I have sinned and done wrong in my life and I needed and still need him to save me.  I need the life of Jesus to live each day as a better me.  And to know I have work to do here on earth and one day I will be with my mom and dad again.  I get up each morning with pain in my heart without my mom and Jesus makes it bearable. My life is worth living with God as my guide.