HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Krista Baziak

Growing up I was not raised in a very Christian household.  We heard the word Jesus around Christmas, and we prayed at big family gatherings before meals but never attended church.  In junior high I began attending HDC, made friends, and enjoyed learning a little more about the Bible and exploring my faith but when a couple deaths in the family were confusing and other commitments made it harder to attend the high school program I stopped going.  It wasn’t until I got married and began having my own children that I realized I wanted more for my family.  I wanted my children to know and understand the Bible and be able to have God in their life from the very beginning.


Before we started attending HDC regularly as a family I was overwhelmed with motherhood, marriage, and work.  It was all so much to juggle and I felt like it was all on me to make things run smoothly.  I felt like I didn’t have all the answers and I wasn’t sure how to get them.


In 2014, after talking with friends and attending church on a regular basis I knew that I had always known that I believed in Jesus but never fully understood what it meant to commit my life to him.  I started to understand that I was a sinner, but that was ok because I had Jesus and as long as I could admit that I was a sinner, I knew I believed that Jesus was born to take my sin away, the piece I was missing was choosing to put my faith in him.  So that’s what I did.  I chose to put my faith in him.


I was always terrified to get baptized in a large group setting like HDC but after hearing Tom’s message on water baptism and talking to my friends Falan, Michelle, and Heather, I knew that it truly is a step toward obedience and it wasn’t about me being scared to talk in front of people.  That made it easier to take the steps I needed to be baptized.


Once I put my faith in Jesus parenting, marriage, and life became easier.  It was like Jesus took the weight I was bearing right off my shoulders.  It didn’t make things easier but Jesus made it easier to handle.