HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Kiki Lacon

    My parents and sister always told me growing up that I’m a child of God, but I didn’t have a full understanding of what that meant. I was 15 at the time I decided that I wanted to get to know Christ for myself and develop a more mature relationship with Him. I started reading and studying my Bible more, learning about Jesus and why God would sacrifice His Son for me. At that age I had many questions for God and I expected many of my questions to be answered either by God or by someone of faith. As I read and studied my Bible more I prayed for understanding and an obedient heart. Since then, God has been molding my heart, increasing my knowledge and teaching me what it is like to live in righteousness. He’s taught me how to depend on Him and how to trust Him with my needs and desires. I’ve learned that God is faithful and I continue to trust and put faith in Him for things that I may consider as minute and for things that I may consider as grand. I am 21 now and I can surely say that God has a track record of being loving, faithful, merciful, and graceful. For these reasons, I am in love with Christ.