HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Kevin Travis

My name is Kevin Travis and I have been a believer in Christ my entire life. I was born into, and raised by a Christian family. I remember attending church every week and my parents had bible studies during the week with church friends. We attended Lincoln Avenue Reformed Church located in Pomona, California. 
I remember going to a church summer camp in big bear before entering the 4th grade and there was a moment in one of our small group studies that a counselor brought up the topic that was similar to the ABC. I said the sinner’s prayer of confessing my sins and accepting Jesus as my savior. I remember being very excited telling my family about it at the end of camp. 
Starting from then I began serving in church services. I would occasionally sing as part of special music with my dad and brothers. Church and music has been a very large part of my walk with God. I have always used music as a way to speak to or introduce Jesus to friends that didn’t know him. I attended Ontario Christian school from 1st grade through 12th and then attended Cal Baptist for one year. 
I hope to become part of HDC so that I can continue to share my musical gift with others.