HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Kai Love

Hi my name is Kai and I am so excited to get baptized.   My Mom and Grandma told me about Jesus.  I learned that Jesus dying for me is like when I get in trouble and instead of getting punished my brother or someone would step in and take the punishment for me when they did not do anything wrong ever.  My Mom and Grandma talk to me about following Jesus rules even when I don’t think anyone is watching me.  When I was 8 I learned from my small group leader Hayley about the ABC’s. Admit that I am a sinner, believe that God is real and Jesus died to save me from my sins and went to heaven and choose to follow and obey God.  Last year my small group leader talk to me about baptism and how Jesus said we should get baptized to show how all the sins are washed away because of Jesus dying for me.  I am ready to obey Jesus and get Baptized!