HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Jeremy Bellew

Jeremy Bellew.png

My life was aimless before following Christ and I knew no peace. I was living a sinful life. I need Christ as an example of how I want to live myself and I need Him as my savior. Nowadays I just trust in God throughout my problems and when I do sin I ask for forgiveness and repent. I realized when I was at my lowest in life there was no hope but through Jesus Christ. That is when I asked him to come into my life and wipe away my sin. Now I try to listen to the Holy Spirit when it speaks to me, it seems to do so when I most need it.  I have to have a personal relationship with Christ otherwise I am lost and there is no hope. He is my comforter. Sometimes I have to rededicate myself if I'm slipping. It was a couple old friends who got me going to church and reading the Bible ten years ago. I can't wait to be baptized again through this church.