HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Ethan Stine

My testimony starts out at a very young age as I was raised in a Christian home with my brother and sister. I have attended High Desert where I was dedicated as an infant and, still currently attend with my family.  Around age five I became curious about heaven and began asking my mother questions. She said that I often asked if could fly to heaven and she explained to me that it did not work that way and in order to get to heaven I have to ask Jesus into my heart. I vividly remember asking God into my heart that night before bed. As I got older, in high school, I felt as if my relationship with Jesus was stagnant and fading, even though I still believed He died for our sins. I grew away from the Lord and his word for quite some time until a significant bump in the road occurred when I left for college. I had accepted an athletic scholarship to play baseball in Hawaii, and, long story short, it was a dark time in my life. I leaned significantly on my parents in this time and as they often do, pointed me in the direction of the Lord and His word. In this time I looked to the Lord for answers and he provided those answers I was seeking. He pointed me to The Masters University in Santa Clarita, California, a Christian University where I was able to transfer mid year and still play college baseball. This point in my life was a very eye opening experience and reassurance of my faith. From this point, I have grown in my walk with the Lord through troubles and tribulation. Now, I feel that I am ready to make a public declaration of my faith to my friends, family, and church that I am a sinner and Jesus dies on the cross for me.