HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Esther Osorio

When I was growing up I didn’t have a clear perception of what Christianity is. I didn’t exactly understand what it really meant to follow Christ, but I attended church regularly on Sundays. I understood I had to pray for my food before I ate, pray in the mornings and before bed. I would go to church on Sundays in dresses and never in pants. Religion seemed to be more like a set of rules. Despite my age, my life also became extremely rocky and went spiraling down in ways I understood but had a hard time adjusting to. In those times I looked to God to save me from the pain, but when the storm would pass I would forget about him again. As I grew older before I trusted Christ alone to save me I lived in sin. My life was full of fornication, lies, ungratefulness, and hate. I was walking down a dangerous road and I started to lose track of who I was. In the midst of all the sin and dysfunction, God was constantly trying to lead me back to him, and I knew it, but I ignored it, and somehow still felt guilty. Nonetheless I continued in sin. I was a Christian on Sundays but continued to live in sin Monday-Saturday. One of the most detrimental events in my life was my father being incarcerated for a sentence of 12 years that was later cut in half. From that moment on, I lost my father, my mothers focus was elsewhere, and my family broke apart. I felt alone, and I lived the next years of my life, which happened to be important years, alone and without love. It lead me down a horrible road of fornication in search of that love I longed for. In January of this year, I found out I was pregnant. It was a very emotionally draining pregnancy. The man I was so desperately trying to find love in, abandoned our unborn child and I. My relationship with God was like a roller coaster because of my unfaithfulness of course, but this was my breaking point. I knew that I couldn’t do this on my own, I need God. That’s where my walk with God really began. I started at church looking for a way to serve. That is when I met 3 very important people that really helped me further understand my walk with God and becoming a disciple. Debbie Ackerman, Jeff Barbour, and Rhiannon Aguares; three people that I believe God placed in my path to lead me to him. I then joined a small group and began to look at life differently as well as live it differently. I wanted to be a better Christian, a good example for my son, a great mother, a God fearing virtuous woman, and most importantly, I wanted to live my life for Christ. My life now, with Christ, is the best version and the only one I want to live. I trust God with all of me when times get tough and remember that I need him on my good days, just as much as I needed him on my bad days. With God, everything is great and possible. I have found the happiness, but most importantly the love I have always longed for.