HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Erica Garcia

Erica Garcia.png

Before I decided to give my life to God, I was in a really bad place. I had a rough time when I was younger, I was in abusive relationships and through those experiences I became depressed to the point where I didn't want to get out of bed or be around anyone. I always felt so bad and tried ways that I thought would make me feel better but they were not in any way good, they affected not only me emotionally but my health was deteriorating. I didn't realize it was making me feel worse until I really tried ending my problems, but then my daughters came to mind and I just couldn't leave them. I cried and begged God to help me, to take away the pain anger and sadness. I struggled but my boyfriend would take me to church and we joined a small group I also began reading the bible every day. I felt out of place for a moment but once I started opening up in our small group I started feeling a change in me. I felt like this huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I began making better choices and felt motivated to actually do things, it was like a burst of energy. My mom would always tell me to trust in God and I would tell her I know, but I didn't, I felt hopeless I didn't think it would change anything until it did. I'm not angry or hurt about some things I went through anymore, I feel like it was meant to happen so I can teach my daughters and others that no matter what you go through, God is there and everything happens for a reason, it may not make sense at the time but it will. I'm here now in a good place and I'm not perfect I never will be but every day I take a step to better myself and I've literally never been happier. It was my journey to go through to get to God.