HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Devyn Ochoa

As I grew up,  my mother and father had always told us about Christ and his story. We did attend Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Church for several months with my great Nana Lou. Yet, when she had perished, so did our will to go to church. Last year, I begged my mom that we should go to HDC’s Christmas service. We ended up attending the service and loved it, ever since then we have been attending. During a saturday service,I remember Pastor Tom Mercer saying that everyone is born sinful, he then speaks about how God had sent his only son to take away our sins. When I heard Pastor Tom recite those phrases,I began to understand that, we, as God’s children can not defeat sin by ourselves. That particular service has made me fully commit myself to the Lord, and thrive to be sinfree. My volunteering has also aided in me wanting to announce that I follow Christ, due to  all of the younger children so eager to hear God’s word and how we act the way we do.  My life now appears to be more calm and joyful with Christ in it. Today ,  I act  nicer and compassionate than I used to, now I am just wanting to help everyone I meet and make an impact on their situations. I believe that Christ is here as an example of how God made us to be,  hence why I want to become baptised and take the steps towards being so.