HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Dave Tilton

In mid-December, I found myself at where I think rock bottom was. I thought I had invited the lord into my life prior to this, asking for help. Seemed like every time I ask something else would bad happened. A divorce, bankrupt, and now CPS in my life. That night I hit my knees and prayed for forgiveness, and truthfully asked for help. I asked him to take these things and please place me in his hands. That night I got the best sleep that was missing for a long time. I woke up and looked up and said “whatever the day may being, I know you have me.” 


Looking back now, he knew he had to break me down to get me where I’m today. I’m Still working on it, but I know he still has me. Before it was my way, I needed to do these things. That got me stressed, angry, and resentful. I would ask for peace, but then get chaos!!! 


And now the peace I have, even in the misted of all the chaos, is just overwhelming. I have my kids back, I filed bankruptcy and got relief with that. And well the marriage is still over, we communicate better. I have peace in my life, and his name is Jesus Christ. My lord and savior. 


Thank you for reading and thank you for this moment.