HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Cody Plott

Before I really started following Christ, I was living a life in fear not wanting to accept what my life had become. This led me to seek him and I believe this is what it took for me to open my eyes. My life was full of worry, selfishness, and disappointment before I really started following Christ and having a relationship with him. Sure, I had many good moments, but I mean the long run is what's most important. The day I got saved I can remember clearly. As a kid on my way to speech with my mom, I was feeling a need to get saved. Driving through the Apple Valley Rocks talking about god with my mom she helped me get saved. I admitted that I was a sinner, believed everything that he had done, and accepted him as my savior and into my heart. My life as a kid has always been good until my adult years when I started moving away from God. Now that I am closer with God than I've ever been I hardly ever worry and am happy practically all the time than at moments.