HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Arianna Almquist

Arianna Almquist.png

I first heard about Christ when I was very little and I didn’t really know who Christ was and why we learned about him so much as a kid. As I got older I heard about him more often when it came to home, church, and school. I had a lot of friends in middle school that were so devoted to Christ and they every chance they got they would talk about him to me and I would try and understand how important he is but at the time I didn’t understand it fully. When I was in middle school I followed the wrong path and got into trouble that ended up with me getting suspended. A few months later I had a friend that i knew from church that contacted me and asked if I wanted to join her at church camp that was only over the weekend and at first I wasn’t too sure that I wanted to be around people who would be devoting themselves to our lord for a whole weekend, but as I thought about it I began to realize that I fell off the path that God had set for me and I need to get back on it, so I agreed and a week later I was at church camp. There I didn’t only learn new things about God but I was reminded of the great things he did. I remember at our last service before we left that next morning, we had all our teachers go in random spots of the room and then they told us that if we want to confess our sins and pray with a teacher to God during worship then we could. The beginning of the song I just sat there and watched everyone else walk up and pray with a teacher and I remember being too scared to go up and confess to someone. After a few more seconds of thinking I finally went up to my teacher named Sarah and I confessed everything and I cried knowing that I shouldn’t have fell off the path and I should have embraced the love of Christ instead of ignoring it. Those few days away from home and out in the forest with Christian kids just like me really helped me realize how important Christ is and that everywhere I go he will always be there for me. When I got to high school I continued this path and then over summer going into my junior year my club volleyball team went to Arizona for a big tournament and I knew I was going to miss church so I brought a bible and decided to try and do my own bible study. I did it by myself one night but then I found out my teammate Erin was doing a bible study with her room so my roommate and I went over and for the next three nights we all had a bible study together for about 2 hours each night. Those three nights helped me want to devote my whole self to Christ. None the less I had lots of fallouts but I kept getting back up and giving my all into learning and worshipping our lord and savior and I’m glad that the people that helped me came into my life and that I had all those opportunities.