HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Amber Tomlinson

Amber Tomlinson.png

As a scientist, the past 32 years of my life were dedicated to reason and logic. It is what I had built my whole life upon. To always ask questions and seek answers as to why things happen. It was only last April that this “scientific logic” went out the window and Jesus Christ entered the picture. My family had chosen to come to High Desert Church on Easter Sunday. Instead of having feelings on anxiety, I felt at ease. The music began and everyone began to rise and sing. Goosebumps went down my arms as the band sang Great Are You Lord. My vision became blurry as tears filled my eyes. I was emotional and I had no idea why. It was then that I felt this warmth invade me, His warmth. God’s never-ending love for me. As I sat down and listened to the sermon, it was then that pastor Tom talked of the ABC’s. At that precise moment, I asked Jesus to come into my life and change me for the better. 

As the weeks went on I became more confident as I attended HDC. I felt like I had found a home. I sat closer to stage as the weeks progressed. I signed up my children for classes to attend. The songs became embedded in my mind as I sang them out proudly each week. I could feel God’s grace and him slowly rearranging my life to align with his vision. 

The biggest challenge that I have faced thus far is faith. I have turned my back on reason and logic. Knowing that I have Jesus Christ on my side is enough for me. All I have to do is show up, because He has already fought the battle.