Built to Worship

This weekend, Pastor Todd talked to us about Meaningful Worship. A comment he made that really struck me was this:

While we were intended to be God worshipers, we have become idol makers.

One of the things that Pastor Todd expressed so clearly, was that idolatry isn't an ancient, historical idea. It is something that happens today–it just looks different. In our culture, we don't often find ourselves literally bowing down before a golden calf. 

Our hearts, however, do bow before gods that are not God. This reminded me of a quote from Richard Keyes:

Since we were made to relate to God, but do not want to face Him, we forever inflate things in this world to religious proportions to fill the vacuum left by God’s exclusion. 

It is very clear that we never stop worshiping. The only thing that changes is what we are worshiping, and as Pastor Todd pointed out in our notes, "you were built to worship YHWH".

Is YHWH the focus of your worship? If not, it is time to change your focus.