What Do You Worship?

Over the last few years, I've been thinking through a quote I read by Os Guinness in his book, No God But God

"Since we were made to relate to God, but do not want to face Him, we forever inflate things in this world to religious proportions to fill the vacuum left by God's exclusion."

As a believer, I know whom I am to worship. I see the hand of God evident throughout my life. I see Him when I invest in my marriage. I see Him when I spend time with my kids. I see Him when I invest in my projects at work. Every now and then, I find myself in a good place. There aren't any major stresses in my life, and I feel in control. So I begin to focus less on worshiping God. After all, I've got things pretty well under control.

Sin tricks us into thinking we are more capable than we are. Sin tricks us into thinking we don't need help from God. When we believe that we are strong enough to manage life on our own, we dethrone God as Lord in our life. The real problem is that our hearts never stop worshiping. When we don't see a clear need for God's intervention in our life, we begin to drift. It isn't that we intentionally construct an altar to an idol, it's that our disengagement from worshiping God forces us to, as Guinness says, "...fill the vacuum left by God's exclusion."

This weekend, Pastor Tom included this in the notes:

"You may need to rearrange some things in your life."

Here are some questions I've been asking to think through some of these ideas.

What do I need to rearrange in my life?

Am I worshipping something other than God?

How can I be more effective at keeping God as the focus of my worship?