This weekend, pastor Tim spoke on adoption. The idea of being adopted into the family of God is something that I've understood intellectually for quite some time, but I'm not sure I've really seen it until this weekend. The video that played before and after the service, for me, was the most powerful expression of the body of Christ - the family of Christ - that I have ever seen.

In response to this weekend, you likely found yourself in one of two places. Perhaps you felt a tugging on your heart to consider adoption in your own family. Or you perhaps it was confirmed that adoption isn't a good fit for your family. Clarity either way is great. I want to encourage each of you.

If you are considering adoption for your family, the HDC pastors have put together some adoption information. The document will give you some helpful information about different types of adoption, some next steps, and point you to some organizations that can help you begin the process. 

If you don't feel compelled to adopt, pray for those who do. Pastor Tim made it very clear that adoption isn't the right answer for every family, but those who do choose to adopt would be greatly benefited by your support and prayer. 

As I look at the faces in the video on adoption from this weekend, I am reminded of the fact that the body of Christ is diverse and beautiful. As believers, may we extend the grace that our father has given to us to our siblings in Christ, and may that lead others to join the family.