Running to God

This weekend, Ron Deal took us through the broken families of the Old Testament. As I sat their listening to how imperfect those relationships were, I was reminded of my own sinfulness. Though my family doesn't look exactly like the families of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I am similarly in need of the grace of God in my life.

On the surface, Ron's first point was pretty simple: "Quit worrying about feeling imperfect." Below the surface, however, is a pretty big idea. To quit worrying about feeling imperfect doesn't mean that we are to believe that we are perfect, but it is to accept and understand that we aren't! I think at times we struggle with recognizing the depth of our need for God's grace. But as we begin to understand the depth of our own sinfulness, the need for God's grace becomes so much clearer.

In fact, it is this understanding of our great need for grace that fuels how we approach our Lord and Savior. Matt Chandler says it well in this article:

"The marker of those who understand the gospel of Jesus Christ is that, when they stumble and fall, when they screw up, they run to God and not from Him, because they clearly understand that their acceptance before God is not predicated upon their behavior but on the righteous life of Jesus Christ and His sacrificial death."  
 - Matt Chandler

The big implication in what Ron Deal shared with us this weekend isn't that we should just stop worrying for the sake of not being worried. In order to stop worrying, we need to come to terms with the reality of our situation. We are sinners, and we need a Savior. Once we admit that, we no longer have to run from God with regards to our sin. Instead, we can run to Him.