Intentional Parenting

This weekend, Pastor Tom talked to us about maximizing discipline. He shared some extremely helpful ideas for me as a young parent, as well as some ideas and goals for me to strive toward as my parents grow older.

When I look at the law of the harvest–the idea that you reap what you sow–I am reminded of the fact that sowing takes intentionality and planning. A farmer needs to consider when to plant, what to plant, and how to care for it. Why is it that we so often find ourselves looking at life as something that just "happens" to us? God has given us incredible wisdom in His word to help us be more effective in our lives!

If you find yourself in the midst of a season of parenting that Tom talked about, I'd encourage you to read some expanded thoughts on the subject from his blog.

Teaching the Law of the Harvest to Young Children

Teaching the Law of the Harvest to Teenagers

Spend some time this week identifying some ways you can become more effective at teaching your children the law of the harvest.