Learning from Judas

Since I began attending HDC several years ago, I have heard a recurring statement made by various pastors—"Each of us is only a few bad decisions away from ruining our life."

This weekend Pastor Tom walked us through the life of Judas. Judas' life is a perfect example of a series of bad decisions that lead to ruin. The thing that struck me this weekend was how dangerous isolation can be. I tend not to be the most outgoing person when it comes to new situations, and I often find myself needing to spend quiet time alone to recharge. My tendency is to lean more toward isolation than it is to overextend myself relationally. This weekend brought to mind a Proverb I read a few months ago.

"He who separates himself seeks his own desire, he quarrels against all sound wisdom." - Proverbs 18:1 (NASB)

Solomon makes a connection between isolation and pride that I hadn't made before. When I take an honest look at my life and my tendency to separate myself from relationships, I recognize that much of that tendency comes from pride. It is easier for me to seek my own desire than it is to consider others as well. Isolation is particularly dangerous because it removes voices of godly influence that encourage us to be drawn back to Christ. Over time, isolation can make us unresponsive to the call of Christ. And that is exactly where Judas found himself. 

As Tom said, Judas' pride caused him to have a different view of who Jesus should be. Does your pride cause you to see Jesus as different than He really is? Ask God to guard your heart from the desire to be isolated, and be intentional about seeking meaningful relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ.