Sin Will Consume Us

This weekend Pastor Tom talked about the fact that we are sinners. The consequence of the fall of humanity is that we are born desiring sin. It is because of our desire to rebel against God that the believer and the nonbeliever find themselves convicted of the same offense–misplaced worship.

For those who don’t know Christ, the problem is simple. They don’t have a relationship with the only One worthy of being worshiped. Instead of their needs being met by Christ, they are on a quest to meet their needs through wealth, relationships, power, altruism, and more. As they seek to have their needs met by something other than Christ, they pursue idols.

For those of us who are in relationship with Christ, the problem is much more complicated–or so we claim. The reality, though, is that our own pursuits often look the same. The issue isn’t just that we pursue the same things as those who don’t know Christ. Rather, the issue is that our pursuits become altars where we anticipate that our needs will be met.

Something Pastor Tom said this weekend that really struck me is that sin will consume us. Each of us have a list of sins that we know are wrong. Because of that, we intentionally guard ourselves against them. But we also have a list that resides in our spiritual blind spot. These are behaviors that we often entertain and rationalize.

In his book, Respectable Sins, Jerry Bridges talks about many of these sins that are so often hidden from the believer. He talks through anxiety, frustration, discontentment, unthankfulness, pride, anger, sins of the tongue, worldliness, and more.

When I look at that list, I'm struck not by the fact that I see those in my own life (I do), but by the fact that I rarely recognize that those are areas of sin in my life that need to be addressed. As we continue to approach God's Word though meditation and reflection this year, be attentive to the Spirit's voice in this area. Ask Him to graciously reveal those sins hiding in your spiritual blind spot, and deal with them courageously, and completely. May the Lord be glorified through our lives this week!