God’s Agenda vs. Your Agenda

There are times in life where I wonder why God isn’t blessing the things I’m investing in. It could be a project I’m working on, it could be a relationship that isn’t growing how I think it should, or even why I didn’t get a job that I thought I was qualified for. Are there seasons of life where God isn’t working?

This weekend, Pastor Tom talked about the sovereignty of God. One of the points in his notes got me thinking about those seasons in life where I wonder why God isn’t blessing what I’m doing. The point in the notes was this:

If something needs to happen to accomplish His agenda, God has the absolute capability to see that it does!

When I graduated college, I needed a job. I was getting married in a few months, and needed to find something that would cover our living expenses. So, I applied at a variety of places for a variety of positions. My future mother-in-law mentioned a church that was looking for a graphic designer, but I didn’t even entertain the idea. I didn’t want to work at a church.

As the weeks went by, no job was provided. As I got closer and closer to desperation, I decided to apply for the church opening. I started one week before we got married.

Were all of the other jobs I applied for sinful? Of course not! Were they bad for me? Probably not. Were they the best option for God to accomplish His agenda in my life? Nope.

Had I gotten the jobs that I perceived to be the “right” answer, I may have met the financial needs that my wife and I had starting out. I may even have enjoyed the work. But I wouldn’t have developed a passion for helping the Church communicate clearly, effectively, and with integrity.

The sovereign hand of God isn’t focused on helping certain teams with a game, or making us successful in our ventures for our own sake. The sovereign hand of God is focused on one thing, and one thing only–accomplishing His will.

As you are spending time in your reading this week, reflect on God’s agenda. Are you investing in His agenda, or are you trying to convince God that your agenda is better?