God is Friend

This weekend, Pastor Tim talked about the fact that God is Friend. I have to be honest…this was a difficult message for me. The highness of God has always been very important to me. He is Creator, King, Lord, and Savior. Hearing God called Friend was uncomfortable.

What I began to realize as the morning went on, however, was that if I claim to be a Christ follower, I need to know who God actually is–not just who I think He is.

Friendships are an interesting beast. The closer you get to the people you call friend, the more you know about their flaws. At a distance, most people look like they are a lot of fun to hang out with. It isn't until they have a bad day that you begin to see a fuller picture of who they are. That is why true friendships are such a blessing. A friend is someone who knows your faults and still chooses to call you friend.

When I focus on the attributes of God that elevate Him, my picture is not incorrect, simply incomplete. The truth is that because God is Friend, I can rest in the fact that He loves me, cares for me, and chooses to be in relationship with me even though He is keenly aware of my flaws. Beyond that, when sin severed the relationship between man and God, a plan was in the works to restore the relationship. 

Restoration of the sinner's relationship with God required far more than a simple apology–it required the death of Christ. I am so thankful that God is Creator, that He is my King, that He is the Lord of my life, and that He is my Savior. I am also thankful that He is my Friend.