This week, I've been mulling over what the Campus Leads presented this weekend. Do you think through how the decisions you make today impact the generations that come after you? As I think through my own example for my kids, I continually need to remember that most significant change in life happens gradually over time.

Here is what each chair is about.

Chair 1

  • For those who live the faith (not just know it, but live it)
  • It will not be easy, but it will be good

Chair 2

  • For those who learn it
  • A religious substitute for an authentic faith

Chair 3

  • For those who leave it
  • For the one who leaves the faith, or don't have faith


We all start in Chair 3. The job of a parent is to help their children move from Chair 3 to Chair 1. Parents are to model a faith that not only encourages their kids to move from Chair 3 to Chair 2, but to own their faith in a way that moves them from Chair 2 to Chair 1.

So, which chair are you in? What chair is your life encouraging others to sit in?