VV Baptism Testimonies

Stanley Wyrembek

My testimony is from Stanley Kramer Wyrembek, I found Christ Jesus after I went through a divorce with two kids. I had a girlfriend die in my arm's, I prayed to God and 8 months after the death of my girlfriend and her daughter was taken from me by her Grandma on her father's side I was very alone. Then I thought I found the love of my life and when the love of my life left me I went into a depression asking Christ to just take me. I was done with life.  After one year of this depression just before Christmas I prayed to God but this time I prayed to not be alone for Christmas 2016 and God blessed with a new girlfriend and her two-year-old boy and pregnant. Then God spoke to. Started listen to Christ radio then I found BBC And that's my Testimony God Bless and Thank you.