VV Baptism Testimonies

Roy Guillen

My mom was the person to introduce me Christ since I was a baby. We would go to church and my mom would leave me in my class and she would go to the big church. In church and from my mom I learned that Jesus died on the cross for our sins because he loved us.

One day when I was 9 my mom and my sister and me were going to the store and I asked her if I could get baptized. She asked me if I knew what that meant and I told her I wanted to do it because I want to follow Jesus. She also told me about the ABC’s like what we were told about during baptism class: A-admit that I sin, B-Believe that God is real and lives forever, and C-choose to follow him.  Then I prayed the ABC’s at camp with my leader on the first night of cabin talks.

I want to do these things because I feel that is something good to do in my life and to show other people that I love Jesus. I use to be mean sometimes to other kids because they would get me mad but now I go tell an adult or walk and be alone for a little bit because I don’t like being mean. I know that if I am nice and do good things and say sorry and ask for forgiveness that Jesus will forgive me because he loves me.