VV Baptism Testimonies

Ray Sesma

Growing up, I was raised in a Christian home with my grandparents. My mother never went to church with us and I barely knew my father. At the time, church was just another chore to check off the list at the end of the week. My grandparents were always very involved in the churches we attended and they always encouraged me to do more in the church. My grandmother always nagged me about getting baptized so finally I did and even joined the church band as the lead guitarist. At the time, I didn't realize what that really meant. I just did it to do it because it was "what I had to do".  As I got older and reached my early twenties I started drifting from Christ. I started to hang out with the wrong crowd and make a lot of bad choices with my life that lead to several kinds of addictions. The pastor that baptized me asked me to leave the band and turned me away from the church. My life turned for the worst and I hit rock bottom. After a while, I started dating my wife and together we started to attend a different church. Together, we started rebuilding our lives but this time we made Christ our foundation. It has been five years since then and our walk with Christ has grown very strong. I feel like I now truly understand what it means to put your full faith in Jesus Christ and I'm ready to be baptized for my own heart and soul and not for somebody else.