VV Baptism Testimonies

Marisa Esquivel

My name Is Marisa Esquivel I’m 26 yrs. old and as a young child I grew up in church not knowing anything about Jesus. I just loved going because of Sunday school and singing and dancing not knowing what the songs meant, I just liked the beat. As I got into my teens I started liking boys and met the one person who I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. At the time, I knew about Jesus but never thought to follow him I would thank him only for the good things in my life but never when times got rough. My life in my eyes, I thought I was making the right choices and doing things I wanted to do which made me start smoking weed and drinking because it made me feel good. I lied and hurt people that were really close to me burned bridges with family and friends. When I turned 21 I had my son and got married still immature and not knowing anything about being a mom or a wife getting married wearing a white dress looking pretty but little did I know my life was going to change it became very stressful and we struggled a lot I had a lot of people tell me about Jesus but I chose to ignore it because I was like I don’t need Jesus I can do it on my own without him. As a couple of years went by I decided to quit smoking I got pregnant with a beautiful baby girl I was scared about how I’m I going to take care of another human being but my husband’s grandma is a Christian and told me about what Jesus can and for that moment I wanted to have him be in my life and see if he can help me and strengthen me but I fell back after I had my daughter. My husband and I separated. I wanted attention from guys to tell me I’m pretty and tell me they would do anything for me then they would stop talking to me. I didn’t like the life I was living so I went to the one person who will make me feel peace and that person was Jesus I started praying and reading bible verses every day I quit drinking then GOD blessed me with a job and an apartment for me and my kids. Then my husband wanted to come back into my life but I wanted to know if he changed he tells me he’s going to go to church and he’s a changed man so we got back together things were good for a while I was slowly slipping away from Jesus but I told myself without Jesus you can’t do this on your own. A couple months later the enemy comes and my husband started doing what he did before drinking, smoking, talking to other women so I prayed for him and he decided to leave. I was so numb because of everything we’ve been through that I didn’t care as long as I have Jesus it didn’t matter. So now since I’ve accepted Jesus I’m happier and at peace. Yes it can be stressful at times I still thank him for being there and giving strength that my kids are still with me and were healthy no matter what we have the problems we face I will always praise Jesus in the storm.