VV Baptism Testimonies

Gregory Dahn

I came to believe in the Lord in the second grade at Hesperia Christian School after learning Christ died for my sins. I’m not sure I really understood the depths that God will go to for me until very recently and just how forgiven I am. Being surrounded by Christians in school it was very easy to blend in and go with the flow at school and church. In high school I started drinking and doing drugs, which led to a long walk of destruction and torment for years to come. After getting severely out of control with substances, destroying relationships, and losing jobs I could feel God pulling me out of addiction. After a year of trying and failing I finally realized my life had to be totally surrendered to God for me to succeed. Now almost a year later my life has completely changed. I am surrounded by God-fearing friends and family. I am repairing relationships and friendships. But most importantly I am building a relationship with my true savior. God gave me peace when I thought all hope was lost! I can see His work all around me and could not be more blessed with the second chance I was given.