VV Baptism Testimonies

Keith Kucera

 Hi my name is Keith, let me tell you my story. Ever sense I was young I grow up with a Christian family. In my heart I knew that God was there, but I did not follow him. I was stuck in the middle going back and forth fighting with God. Then I went to college out of California and met new people. Then I started to go to church over there every Sunday. They had Sunday school. I was still struggling with not listening to God. Then one day I talked to one of the pastors and he told me to don’t wait until the last second of my life. That got me thinking that man I am tired of fighting with God. I want to turn my life around. I want to go by God’s faith. So, I accepted the prayer. Then I saw a change in me, like I’m not mad as much, I accept some changes in my life. My heart is that I want everyone to see the work that God is doing in me.