VV Baptism Testimonies

Ted Bohanon

As I sit here writing this and thinking over the past 14 years and the past being a catholic and getting married to Kathleen a lot has taken place. I thought I was doing things to please my wife it was hard trying to go to two church but my wife was on me to go to my church and I was fighting to go although I was the one not really going. I was fighting against HDC I would get in fights with Kathleen about something at HDC had said it would be interesting times. then something happened that would make my world go into chaos. my 5 year old son would be diagnosed with brain cancer.  the thoughts going though my mind would make me insane almost. I would be at work and have to stop and go somewhere to pray because it was the only thing I could think about doing I asked God to help him I know I heard the Lord tell me be patient . one time I was just giving God what for and told him "God he is innocent "I heard Jesus reply "So was I".  I shut up my complaining that moment. for a long time he was doing find the cancer was not growing and then he got a second tumor and I was not having much issue as before I know God has used my son to show his glory. the 2nd tumor is gone. to some this all up I saw God move mountains and part the water in my son and know that God has Blessed this family more times over. God has used my son to help other people to have a newer relationship to God. I want to get baptized to renew my commitment to God.