VV Baptism Testimonies

Mike Crego

I would like to say that I have thought of myself as a Christian my whole life. Truth is that until my family and I began attending HDC, I didn't know how wrong I was.

      My wife came to me about five years ago, and told me that she wanted our family to start going to church. We began attending regularly, and Pastor Tom was talking about the fact that God has a plan for every aspect of our lives. This particular Sunday was about finances and how I as the head of the house should be leading my family and setting a good fiscal example for my children to follow. Of course, I wasn't. It was like Pastor Tom looked straight at me, and pointed his finger at me and said, "Your plan ain't working Bro!" That had such a great impact on me. I thought to myself wow I have been on the "Disabled List" long enough! Every aspect of my life was not God centered and it needed to be. At the end of that service, I prayed the ABC's as I had never done before with Pastor Tom and 1000 of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

     Since that moment there have been some tough times, but I handle them so much better having faith that God will provide and protect My family. I am so thankful for my Oikos! I pray for them daily, and I pray that they will experience God's love as I have. With being baptized, I hope to show everyone that I am OFF of the "Disabled List" and I am taking my position ready for anything that challenges me.