VV Baptism Testimonies

Ruth Martinez

I was introduce to Christ at a very young age by my parents, but as I grew up I decided to explore other religions and churches. But I never forgot about God and his teachings.

What prompted me to make a decision to follow Jesus was when I realize I could not do it on my own. I was broken, hurt, lost, and confused in how my life was empty and didn’t want my daughters to suffer anymore. I knew he was the only way to change my life because I had missed him in my life. I needed his guidance and support. I felt I was alone because I had left him for the mundane word and to be with a man who didn’t believe in him.

I was invited by a church member to go to a family night at the Victorville High Desert Church, but I couldn’t go, so I called her back to give me the address to go on my own at another time of service and I attended a Saturday where she was waiting for me. I felt Jesus called me that evening and understood the reason of why all the suffering in my life. I cried through the whole service! I couldn’t contain my tears, and I felt a warm feeling in top of my head and shoulders that I had never encounter before that night. I knew then, I had made the best decision in my entire life, which was to go back and receive Jesus for the first time with humility and humbleness, I needed to be broken and lost to be found by him.

This happened and it as at Saturday night service back in April 2013 where pastor Tom gave service. The ABC's made me understand why to all my tribulations and that I was finally accepting that I was a sinner and believe that without him I am nothing and that he is the only way to be save and to choose him to guide me and do what it is right in my life.

I choose Jesus to be the boss of my life because I had failed to be my own boss and I didn’t want to fail my children. I lived a life making others happy and making a man happy who was my husband, he was controlling and didn’t believe in Jesus which made my life feel empty and sad and I was very unhappy. I had to fall to be broken in order to heal and to be humble to accept Jesus to guide me and to take control of my life.

I know he has giving his life for me and paid a big prize for my sins. I am bless and thankful to have gotten to this point in my life to one day finally go to heaven and for my girls to be save. Now I can build a relationship with him and to finally ask for his forgiveness with a humble heart and learn to become a better person who follows Jesus and help others to learn about the man who died in the cross for our sins.