VV Baptism Testimonies

Jade Martinez

I was introduced to Christ by my mom and also through the church and from my small group. My mom told me and taught me to believe, trust and love God in everything he does.  Also to always love others. Later on, I learned on Good Friday that his only son Jesus had been crucified and beaten and paid the price for our sins and to show how much he love us.

What made me follow Jesus was when my Mom and Dad were going through a divorce. It was very hard for me and I had a lot of mixed feelings towards the broken situation.  I didn’t know how to control my feelings, but now I think its the best thing because now I know Jesus.  As I went to small groups and church services, I realized that all that’s happened in life has made me a stronger person.

I was at church for a small group jump-start when I decided to follow Jesus. I felt the call to follow him and have a relationship with Jesus. I choose to make Jesus the boss of my life because I know that the ABC'S are a big part of my life. I accept that I'm sinner and I'll continue making sins for the rest of my life but I believe that he is the only one who can change me and I choose him to take control of my life and have a relationship with him.