VV Baptism Testimonies

Gersemy Martinez

The people who introduce me to God is my mom who has always been by my side and my group leaders.

What prompted me to make a decision to follow Jesus was when I saw my mom very sad and I wanted to make her happy so I prayed for her to smile again and Jesus answered my prayer. He answer many more prayers and I realize he loved me and was making happy changes for all of my family including me. I was afraid of my father and didn’t want him in my life and I prayed God to take him away because he was been evil to all of us, and he answered that too, and now we are all free and happy.

I decided to follow Jesus when I felt a warm feeling inside me during a prayer one day at my groups.

I was at my groups when I learned about he ABC's and during the prayer was when I felt Jesus with me, so I decided to follow him.

I choose him to be my guide and boss because I need to a better person and learn to be good to others. He has been with me and my family during the hard times and I want him to always be with me to protect me against evil. I know he died in the cross for our sins and it is sad he did, but I thank him for his love towards me and everybody.