VV Baptism Testimonies

Avanti Martinez

I was introduced by Christ by my mom, reading the bible, and going to church and small groups. My Mom told me to always trust in God, follow his word, don’t do wrong things. Etc. When I was first introduced by God I learned that he died for our sins and did so many things just to save us!

I was prompted to make a decision to follow Jesus by praying every night, reading Gods word, and just trusting him with my problems. He has showed me signs and has helped me through my toughest times.  I decided to follow Jesus when my Mom and Dad were going through a divorce. It was very hard for me and I had a lot of angry feelings towards my Dad leaving us and I didn’t know how to control my anger. During this same time period my mom was saying how we really needed god in our lives to protect us and guide us. My mom took us for the first time to church. When I walked into the church I just had this glow and feeling that I have never had before. All my anger was relived and I was very happy and calm. I was no longer afraid of my father because I felt protected by God .That night was the night I wanted Jesus and God to be a part of my life. Through a year of going to church, reading my bible, and praying I have realized how he has saved us, protected us, comforted us through one of my and my Mom and sisters toughest times. I and many people prayed for us and God didn’t let me down. We are much more relaxed and things are going better for the divorce all because of Jesus and Gods work.

Ever since I ask God to be my savior and that I want to follow him, my life has become so much better with him in my life and has changed dramatically. I learned my ABC’s To Admit that I’m a sinner, TO believe that God was real and died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead, And Choose to follow God and all of his ways.  I learned to be kind to other even if people might irritate me and I have learned to be blessed with what I have and not wish what other have because God gave us this life for a reason. When I commit a sin I ask for forgiveness and help and I am always on the watch out for my behavior and to change my ways. Following god was a big impact in my life and I’m so glad I ask for him to be in my life because it changed my life for the better.