VV Baptism Testimonies

Roman Olivarez

      My story of how and when and why I want to be baptized begins with the how I got introduced to Christ. How I got introduced to Christ was at a young age by my parents and grandparents. The church we attended was down the hill at that time I did understand who Jesus was and that he sacrificed his life for are sins but I just didn’t get why he was but yet I was at a young age and realized I still got a lot to learn. Then my parents and me and my brothers stopped attending this church after a few years. Then we went to a church in Hesperia off and on around when I was 10 then I went to a club soccer team and I met my best friend that introduced me to HDC. I feel in love with HDC program and the worship and dedication I showed. It made me understand the reason Christ is are savior and died on the cross for are sins and he didn’t have to he was a sinless man. But yet he took are suffering for us. Then three days later he rose again. This was how I got introduced to Christ and HDC but a big part of getting baptized to me is when I actually accepted Christ my life. The time I was introduced to Christ was at a young age but the time I understood and wanted to be baptized and follow Jesus and learn more about him was after Pastor Kevin the former pastor for the Jr High group when he left I think he was a person that helped me through a lot in understanding Jesus. I can still remember when he left and the Jr High leaders asked the kids to write thankyou letters and I can remember writing “Pastor Kevin I really will miss you my friend brought me to this church but you where the reason I kept coming and I won’t stop I’ll miss you thank you for everything”. Once he left I realized he was a oikos of mine I believe Christ sent him to HDC to help people like me and when he left Christ new I was ready. Soon after that we got a new Pastor named Kyle.

Me and Kyle have a great relationship he would be an oikos of mine also I even had a request for him to be the Pastor to baptize me. The reasons I want to be baptized is because of the way I have been guided by God’s word. Also the abc’s we talk about at HDC is a big reason why I would like to be baptized. I have admitted I committed sins and I committed more than one sin and more than one sin of the same sin and I need a savior who I put all my faith who I trust I I put my life in. I do believe Christ died on the cross for my sins and he is the one true God I put my life in his hands. I choose to follow Christ everything leads back to me following Christ choosing to follow him I’ve chosen to follow Christ because he is my savior he the only God I believe in and he will guide e through life and he will show me the right path. I also want to be baptized because I need God in my life because he has shown me in many different ways my next big step to having better connection with him which is baptism. Another big reason is because I want to show my family and friends who I am and the life I want to live and I want to help people find Christ. I talked on how my friend brought me to HDC and it really changed my life after going with him through 6 grade year at the beach house I made a choice in 7th grade to invite my family to HDC and they been coming ever sense that was one of the choices God gave me. By my experiences and time with God the worship through the music and different pastors I really think I have grown my connection with God. I’m ready to make the next big step to Christ and being baptized is it and would love to have the lock on my faith and trust and my life for Christ.