VV Baptism Testimonies

Robbyn Samuels

I was baptized and introduced to God as a child but I didn’t understand Jesus died for my sins until I was a teenager.  Every time I tried to take my own path, I would have obstacles and heartache without understanding God’s message or plan, I struggled.

The Book of Revelation was read to me by my dad when I was 21, in the year 2007.  I didn’t want to live a life feeling convicted or ashamed.  It was my mom, dad, family and HDC who helped me understand what to do.

I can communicate with grace and love.  I have a better understanding of life and purpose.  I feel free from chains and darkness.  I no longer live in fear because I know as long as I obey God, He will protect me.  My life used to feel like a rat race with no purpose, but now I am free with only one purpose, to glorify God’s name.