VV Baptism Testimonies

Alexis Reyes

What led me to be understand that I need Christ to take away my sin was when I was in sixth grade. I was in Shout-it-out at church and they had this thing where you could go up to the sides of the stage and they would talk to you about accepting Jesus into your heart. I had seen them do that many times before but I never understood it but when I was in sixth grade I started to understand it. When we were talking they explained to me why I needed Christ to take away my sin. Then in 7th grade I went to harvest with my best friend Leah and they had an opportunity to go in the center aisle and that meant you were giving your life to God and letting him lead you through life. That is what led me to understand that I need Christ to take away my sins.

     Before I had given my life to Christ I felt as if I was not really living the life he wanted for      me. I knew as a Christian that I was supposed to get baptized but I never knew why and what it meant. I was just going to church because I had to because my parents would make me go. I would not really pay attention because I did not understand what was going on.

      I have accepted Christ as my lord and savior twice, one when I was in sixth grade and another time in seventh grade. The first time I did it was because I felt as if it was the right time. It was in Beach House and I had seen them do it many times before, where they would say if you want to accept God into your heart go to the bottom of the stage. I never had ever thought of doing it before but that night I had decided it was time to give my life to God. The second time I did it was when I went to a harvest with my close friend Leah. We had gone with her family and in the middle of it they said if you want to accept God into your heart and life right now go to the middle aisle. Right away when I heard that I jumped out of my seat and both Leah and I went over to the middle aisle together. Ever since those two occasions I have wanted to get baptized, and live the life God has planned for me.

      Beach House was the very first place that first help me understand it and the second person I think that played a big role in be understanding God was Kevin Zimmerman. He was the pastor for me when I was in middle school. Hearing the way he spoke and taught us about the word of God made me fully understand and really want God in my life and made me really want to live my life for God.