VV Baptism Testimonies

Alexis Morales

I started following the path of Christ when I started going to HDC which was about three years ago and I was 10 years old. Before that as a little kid I went to Victor Valley Christian School where I learned about God and memorized verses. When I was six years old my mom took me to a church for the Easter service.  She dropped me off and told me that she would pick me up in a little bit. I learned about the story of how Jesus died on the cross for our sins, we sang songs about God, and then my mom picked me up during the prayer. I had a Bible ever since I could remember, but I didn’t use it often.

            When I was about eight years old my family moved to where we live now which was only about 2 minutes away from the church. Whenever we were driving to or from our house we passed the church. I had asked my mom if we could go to the church, she answered yes, but we never ended up going. Eventually after asking my mom a couple more times we would go every Sunday at the 9 o’clock service, but by herself. A month or so later my brothers started going with us to church every Sunday while my dad stayed home. One of my brothers and I went to Beach House while the other brother went to the kindergarten rooms. At that time I thought of going to church as more of a fun thing to do than something serious.

            At Beach House we had small groups that you had to sign up for and then you would have a certain leader for that whole year. That leader might plan certain events that the kids in the small group would get to come to if their parents let them. I didn’t get signed up for a small group so I was with the leader who took everyone who didn’t have a leader. This leaders name was Andrea and she was the one who helped me pray the ABC’s for the first time. That day at church they had just handed out the ABC booklets and we were going to end soon. She told us that she was going to pray the ABC’s and if we were ready to accept the Holy Spirit and believe in Jesus and the resurrection then we could repeat the words she said. I had been going to church for quite a while by now and understood who God really was and believed in it all. I decided to pray the ABC’s and I did.

            I knew then that Jesus was my savior and was the only one that could ever save me. Even after praying the ABC’sI have made many bad decisions that I shouldn’t have, but I know who God is and I believe that I am ready to give my whole life to Jesus and not save a single bit for myself. I know that even though I have made those bad decisions they are erased because I prayed the ABC’s. But, baptism is the thing that starts my life living with Jesus and that is what matters most. Baptism completes the meaning of being a Christian. It shows everybody that you are giving your whole life to Jesus and Jesus alone. It shows how you are changed by following Jesus.