VV Baptism Testimonies

Leticia Mijares

BEFORE - Before accepting Jesus as my Lord and savior, I was living in a whirlwind of sin going from relationship to relationship not realizing that I was trying to fill a void that only Jesus could fill. 

HOW, WHEN & WHY - Around the age of 17, after having my heart broken in my first relationship, I realized that I was not following Christ the way that He wanted me to.  Having grown up in the church, I decided to give him my life during an alter call.  Thinking that this would make all things perfect, I continued to follow him in search of my purpose in this world. 

AFTER - After giving my life to Christ, I wandered through my 20's for a while until I got heavily involved in the church and decided to "plug-in" more.  I had always searched for guidance from someone in the church who could mentor me but never really found it. 

Now that I'm in my 30's, I've grown to know and love the Lord so much.  I realized I needed to do anything possible to live under Gods will for my life.  I gained control of my sins and allowed the Holy Spirit to transform me.  Through my own personal growth, reading of the scriptures and regular attendance in church, I have gained a strong understanding of the Lord and what he expects of me.  I realize I am a new creation in Him.  

CLOSING SENTENCE - In all, I want people to understand that giving your life to Christ is just the first step in our walk with him.  The days afterward are filled with trial and error.  As long as we seek His will for our lives we may not succeed right away but our lessons are intended for our good and not to harm us.  We are saved by his grace now and forevermore.