VV Baptism Testimonies

Cameren Moore

I grew up in a Christian home. All I remember from when I grew up at church is to believe in God and pray to make our life together. As I got older, I was learning about being a Christian and I learned a lot about God and how to not be sinful, but everyone is sinful. The only one who is not sinful and is pure is Jesus Christ our lord and savior. I was beginning to know God better and at nine I gave my life to him and I thought I was good for life and I was not going to be sinful. Then I get in to more of my life and I was wrong. I had more sin in my life and I prayed to God a lot. If I prayed it will be all good. My life ahead was growing a large ring, my Oikos.  In HDC itself I was in small groups and I am in productions. I am loving what I do and what I do for Christ and I live for God for ever.  Then God showed me about baptism class. I went and now I am here. That is my life story.