VV Baptism Testimonies

Cortney Davenport

My name is Cortney Davenport, My sister initially invited me here to HDC in 2012. I have struggled a lot in my past and would be sad and depressed with the life I was given. Until I came here I was lost, now that I am saved and participating in small groups and have my family coming to church with me I feel happier, I really am able to understand my life paths and turning to God when I need help is so amazing. I know he is leading me to greatness and has helped me in so many ways during my life. Since I received Christ in my heart and life after doing the ABC's, so many magical things have came together, the things I wished for when I was a young child have finally made sense. My family and friends have witnessed a major difference in me and how my life has grown. I want to get Baptized to publically show my Oikos that I have chosen to follow Christ and that he has my heart. There has been a few special people in my life that helped me to continue on and to never give up.