VV Baptism Testimonies

Rachel Keller

I grew up in a Jewish home. I went to Hebrew school, had a Bat Mitzvah, and even went to Israel to be more immersed in my Jewish roots. I always knew I was going to marry a good Jewish boy. Then I met Mark, my husband. He was not Jewish and was a believer. After getting married we thought we could make it work. Then our kids came along and it got really complicated. It got to the point where our two religious worlds were clashing. Mark brought up the idea of going to a Messianic synagogue. I thought that Jews who believe in Yeshua (Jesus' Hebrew name) could not be Jewish. After arguing for weeks, I broke down and we went as a family. It was a traditional Jewish service with teachings of Yeshua interspersed. We continued to go, yet I was still not a believer for years. In 2003, Mark was to go to Israel on a trip through the synagogue. Yet, the Lord told him that I was to go instead of him. The trip was based on how Yeshua walked through Israel before He ascended. On that trip the bible started opening up for me. I saw places where Yeshua had been and where miracles happened.
Then I had a vision on the Sea of Galilee. We had just eaten where Yeshua fed the 3000 and then the group had to take a boat to get back to where we were staying. While listening to the story of Yeshua and Peter, the waters were very rough. I had to closed my eyes to relax. Suddenly I felt the waters go completely smooth as glass. I opened my eyes to see only me on the boat and the colors of a beautiful sunset. I looked out to see Yeshua standing on the calm waters. He talked directly to me and asked if I believed in Him. He had to ask me three times. "Rachel, do you believe". And that's when I knew. How could I say no! As soon as I had said, "Yes", the waters were once again rough. It took three different events for me to be totally convinced that He was the Messiah. From the time that I become a believer until now, I still have questions about everything. The Lord has brought me closer to understanding the Messiah. It's been over ten years and yet I still feel like a new believer. I love learning Yeshua's teachings through applying ideas and concepts from the Torah and God's laws. I love talking about Messianic Judaism and how I have been blessed by all that He has done and will do for me throughout my lifetime.