VV Baptism Testimonies

Thomee Duvall

I was going through an extremely difficult divorce.  My second divorce before the age of 30.  Not understanding why this was all happening.  Not understand why a person can be so emotionally abusive to someone they love.   I was lost.  I was hurt.  I didn’t care much about anything anymore.  I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t understand why I was treated so badly or why everything was happening to me.   Knowing the hardship I was going through, knowing my pain I was feeling, I was asked numerous times by a very good friend to go to HDC.  I put it off again and again.  I had other “more important” things to do.  But still nothing ever felt right… my heart continued to feel empty.  I finally committed to attend Sunday Service at HDC.  I knew I needed help and I knew I didn’t have the answers.  The only way I could get the help, the love, and the hope I was longing for was through Jesus.  I’ve always considered myself a Christian, but never a follower of Christ, until this day.

I think it was July 12, 2015 when the change took place.  I finally came to HDC with my dear friend, her family, my daughter and my sister.  We walked in as people were getting baptized…it was the most amazing thing I have seen in person in a very long time.  I felt an instant sense of Hope.

As the service went on I began to feel something I haven’t felt in a very long time.  I felt Welcome…Safe…Loved…Open… but the most important feeling…I felt Hope.  I knew I had a purpose.  I knew there was something bigger for me to do.  I never felt more open, and on this day I admitted I am a sinner and I needed guidance.  I knew this was not the end for me, that soon all this pain I was going through wouldn’t be so hard anymore.  I knew it was just a bump on my path that God has for me to lead me straight Home, to HDC, to Him, for He is my only savior. 

Since I have invited Christ into my life everything started to change for me.  I started to feel stronger.  I started to understand that this is just a lesson.  I was weak.  He gave me strength.  I began to pray and attend church every Sunday.  I began to feel different.  I felt Hope that there is something better for me.  That I have a bigger purpose, and that all these things happened so I would create a better relationship with God.  Only he has the answers.  I have finally put all my trust in Him to guide me on my path.  To new found Christianity, a new purpose, a new life, and to New Faith.  But most importantly to a new Love for God.